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Teaching Modern Languages to Adults


On the TMLA course, you will have a number of different lecturers and contacts. Most will be full-time staff from the Centre for Applied Language Studies at the University of Dundee, though occasionally guest tutorials may be delivered by experts in the field who work at other institutions of higher education.

The principal staff with whom you will come into contact in the enquiries and enrolment process, or when first embarking on Certificate or Diploma modules, are listed below.

TMLA Principal Staff

TMLA Programme Director & Diploma Course Director
TMLA Teaching Staff

Marion Spöring

With a Master's in Slavonic Studies from Germany, Marion has taught German and Russian language and literature as well as education history, and is also the Director of the CALS Languages in Lifelong Learning Programme. A widely-published researcher on assessment and education policy, she has recently co-authored a large-scale UK benchmarking study. >>>Webpage

TMLA Certificate Course Director
TMLA Teaching Staff

Mark Pegrum Mark completed his PhD in Modern Languages in Australia, and has taught in the areas of German and French language, culture and history, Cultural Studies and English as a Foreign Language, with emphasis on Academic English and IELTS training. He has published papers on computing, the net and education, and a book-length study of contemporary culture. >>>Webpage

TMLA IT Support Officer
TMLA Teaching Staff

Bridget Cook With a degree in French alongside IT and teaching qualifications, Bridget has overall responsibility for the development of IT for language learning in CALS. In particular, she has developed computer-assisted language learning materials in French, German and Spanish, and has helped to set up and teach the CALS online Diploma courses in Spanish and German. >>>Webpage
TMLA Teaching Staff
Glenn Fulcher Glenn, who completed his PhD at Lancaster, is interested in language testing, research methodology and statistics. He is a member of the TOEFL Committee of Examiners, and chairs the Committee of Examiners' Research Subcommittee (ETS), as well as serving on the Editorial Boards of the journals Language Testing and Assessing Writing. He is the Director of CALS. >>>Webpage
TMLA Teaching Staff
Linda Hartley With an Honours Degree in Spanish and French and a Master's in General and Applied Linguistics, Linda heads the Open Languages programme for staff and students at the University of Dundee, oversees the University's Spanish language courses provision, and teaches on the online distance learning Diploma course for Spanish teachers. >>>Webpage
TMLA Teaching Staff
Barbara McDevitt With an Honours Degree in French and German, a Master's in Education and considerable experience as an ELT teacher, trainer, and educational administrator at secondary and tertiary level in France, Kenya, Nepal, Vanuatu, Botswana and Oman as well as the UK, Barbara is the Programme Co-ordinator of the Master's in English for Professional Communication (EPC) in CALS. >>>Webpage
TMLA Programme Secretary
Catherine Meyer

Catherine Meyer comes originally from the south-east of France, but has worked for many years at the University of Dundee. A member of the CALS staff since 1996, she oversees the administration of various programmes - including the TMLA. Catherine will be the first point of contact for most enquires about or applications for the TMLA.

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